Friday, July 27, 2007

Freelance Writing Online - 3 Tips on Writing for the Web

Writing for the web is a great manner to supplement your income or gain a full-time income as a independent writer. Private corps and web developers constantly seek qualified authors to supply content for their websites. Even though it's easy to ship on an online authorship career, you'll likely experience a few drawbacks. Here are three tips to assist you go a successful web copywriter.

1. Beware Low-Paying Assignments

There are many online occupation boards that characteristic independent authorship opportunities. Popular topographic points to happen online authorship occupations include and Craigslist. While the chances are plentiful, the wage is often offensive. For example, you'll falter upon a few occupation advertisements that offering ridiculously low payouts such as as $3.00 for a 500-800 word article. Some authorship duty assignments necessitate extended research and editing, wherein the author may give two or more than hours on the piece. At this rate, you'll gain less than $1.50 per hour! Don't sell yourself short.

2. Expect Competition from other Writers

If you desire to gain a good income as an online independent writer, be prepared to patrol the occupation boards on a day-to-day basis. Some editors have immense responses from their occupation postings. If you desire to beat out the competition and have an assignment, bill of exchange a slayer question letter, screen letter, and samples. When applying for an opportunity, always direct relevant authorship samples.

3. Become Familiar with SEO

Online authorship encompasses different niches. However, respective online clients desire hunt engine optimized content, which is intended to increase website traffic. In this case, the author is provided with a listing of keywords, and must make content on the given topics. Keyword articles can be ambitious to write. Clients often supply cockamamie keyword phrases, and anticipate the author to include these phrases three to five modern times within the article.

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