Friday, November 16, 2007

Brown meets gun crime task force

Gordon Brown promised terrible penalty for people caught carrying pieces as he met a particular police military unit undertaking force tackling gun law-breaking in Manchester.

The premier curate met military officers at the undertaking force's alkali at Greenheys police force station in Moss Side.

He also talked to households who have got had relations murdered by pack members.

The visit came as military officers go on to Hunt the slayers of Jessie James, 15, gunned down a few streets away in a local parkland in September 2006.

The authorities set up its ain ministerial undertaking military unit in the aftermath of the homicide of 11-year-old Rhys Mother Jones in Liverpool in August.

Both homicides stay unsolved, amid growing concern about gun force on Britain's streets.

It is intolerable that any immature life is lost, any household bereaved, because of gun and pack crime

Gordon Brown

The visit coincided with police force in the working capital revealing programs for negotiation with leadership of South London's most violent packs in an effort to cut gun crime.

Mr Brown renewed the government's pledge to take a tough stance on gun law-breaking during his meeting with Greater Manchester Police's Xcalibre Undertaking Military Unit on Friday morning.

He said: "The ground I'm here is that it is intolerable that any immature life is lost, any household bereaved, because of gun and pack crime.

"I desire to see it frozen out. I desire to not only direct my commiserations to households who have got suffered, but guarantee them we will make everything in our powerfulness to root out gun and pack crime.

"If you are harbouring guns or have got got a gun in your possession, you will be sentenced with a very terrible punishment for doing so."

'Absolute priorities'

The undertaking military unit have been working to interrupt the city's law-breaking packs and military officers have visited the Los Angeles police force section to look at the methods used there.

Michael Todd, main constable of Greater Manchester Police, said: "Tackling guns and packs in Manchester is one of our absolute priorities.

"The really of import thing is he will see the work force and women on the Xcalibre Undertaking Military Unit devising a existent difference to people's lives, bringing these people to account."

Hours before Mister Brown's visit, military officers seized six guns at a suspected hemp farm in Tellson Crescent, Salford.

A adult male in his 40s and a adult female in her 30s were arrested and are being questioned on intuition of pieces offences, ownership of hemp and the illegal abstraction of electricity.