Thursday, November 1, 2007

WLNS TV 6 Lansing Jackson Michigan News and Weather - WLNS.COM | Reaction to Violent Video Game Hitting Shelves

A violent and controversial picture game hits shop shelves. The game is called "Manhunt 2" and its release have some parental rights groupings outraged. They state the game is not just violent, but extremely violent, and could make insecure inclinations in children. It's been called the most violent picture game ever made, and Manhunt 2 is being sold across the country.

John Braccio, Psychologist: "Whenever you're showing killing, maiming, destroying, I believe it could go engrained into the person. It's just common sense."

John Braccio is a kid Psychologist. He states children theoretical account their behaviour based societal influences, like movies or picture games, but he states most children understand the lines between phantasy and reality.

John Braccio: "I believe most people have got developed a sense of right and wrong."

Braccio says, without parental supervision, world can sometimes acquire blurred.

John Braccio: "You can just, on an impulse, you can move it out."

Here's what do Manhunt 2 different than any other shoot-em-up, violent picture game that came out in the past- instead of just pressing a button to open fire a gun or do a punch, with the Nintendo Wii console, you actually have got to move out the motions, which adds a whole new component of realism.

John Braccio: "That do it more than of a powerful model."

Braccio states on-screen violence can determine what children believe is acceptable in reality, so all parents necessitate to remain alert.

John Braccio: "Parents have got a duty to always supervise what their children are doing."

The shaper of Manhunt 2, Rockstar Video, states the violent game isn't intended for children. It have a mature rating, which intends only those aged than 17 can buy it. 6 News spoke to a local picture shop clerk who states picture games have got come up a long manner since the years of Donkey Kong and Mario Brothers.

Russell Beleski, Game Hits: "More mature taste sensations in games are being brought up for more than mature audiences. I mean, not all games are meant for children anymore."

Game Hits states they always inquire for designation for mature picture games, because it's federal law.

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